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Transmission Cross-member Kit


1. Disconnect battery ground cable when applicable.


2. Remove any fluid lines, wiring cables, or any flammable materials in the areas where welding will be performed. Use a piece of sheet steel or aluminum between frame and floorboard to protect carpeting also.  Remove carpet and padding where possible.


3. Install rubber trans mount and cross-member with 7/16” hardwareprovided.


4. Use sketch to position frame brackets. Notice trans cross-member mounts on top of brackets with 3/8” bolts pointing down.


5. Insure all areas on frame where welding is done are free of paint and grease. TIG or MIG welding processes are recommended.


6. Use body mounts as reference points and a square to insure correct cross member positioning prior to welding.


7. Tack weld before completing welds along full length of brackets on bottom and topside of bent ends.

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