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Spare Tire Well Cover



Remove all flammable materials and objects in spare tire/trunk area.


1. Use a plasma cutter, cutting blade, sawsall, etc. to remove the stock tire well.


2. Leave the flange intact to provide a mounting surface for the cover panel.


3. Remove the bumper jack bracket if not used. You will need to notch otherwise.


4. Prep surface areas where panel locates – remove old sealer, paint etc.


5. We recommend the panel be slug welded using the holes provided, but can be fastened with 10­32 machine nuts/screws or rivnuts installed in the floor surface. Sheet metal screws are an option but sharp points are exposed on the underside and don’t present the best appearance.


6. Install/Weld by centering an opening and start in the mid­section, slug welding/fastening as described above, alternating left to right and working your way fore and aft until all the holes are utilized. The forward curved area will probably need some fitting as these surfaces vary from car to car. Use temporary fasteners if needed.


7. Use a seam sealer from an automotive paint supplier to complete the installation.

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