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Rear Shock Cross member


With the body on the chassis:


1. Disconnect battery ground cable.


2. Clear frame and floorboard area of all lines, cables, wiring, oil and other combustible materials where welding will be performed. 


3. Look at sketch and layout location of shock cross-member on inboard sides of frame rails


4. The shock mounting holes should line up on centerline with old shock holes in stock floorboard. Shock brackets on cross-member point to rear and parallel to main frame rail section.


5. When you have cross-member location market, trim equal amounts from each end until you have a good fit. Frame widths very up to one inch from car to car and we leave the cross-member long.


6. Cross-member should go as high on frame rails as possible without hitting the floor


7. Tack each end in a few places, double check position, then finish welding around as far as possible. TIG or MIG welding is recommended.


With body off chassis:


1. Follow general procedure outlined for body and chassis


2. If you have a 1 3/4" hole saw, you can drill frame rails where cross-member is to be mounted and slip it into the frame. Follow step 4 above to locate the shock brackets. This eliminates step 5 above and allows for a stronger weld.


3. Double check all measurements using attached sketch. This method will not allow you to check against the floor so accuracy is very important.

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