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New Style Motor Mount 


Rev 2.4


1. As a safety precaution, disconnect battery ground cable.  You will need a block and transmission assembly for this installation.  Motor and trans mounts need to be installed at the same time to ensure proper alignment.



2. Attach the block bracket to the engine block using the (6) 3/8" NC bolts and lock-washers. The direction of the “arrow” on this piece denotes which position your mount will be in.







3. Bolt up the portion that will weld to the frame using (2) 7/16" x 5" long bolts and nuts spun on finger tight. Straight nuts have been provided for mock-up purposes. Please use provided Nylock nuts for final assembly.



4. The front leg of the weld on bracket should lay against the top radius of the front cross member as shown on next page.  The rear leg will rest along the inner edge of the same cross member.  In some cases, minor grinding of these two legs will bring the fit tighter, and should be done carefully when necessary.  Also, slightly adjusting the location of the engine and/or transmission usually helps.  Use a level and tape measure to be sure the engine is centered and level with the frame.



5. Choosing the forward position allows for HEI distributors to clear the firewall nicely, and big block installations definitely need the head to firewall clearance.  In some instances, oil pan and sump modification may be necessary.  When using the forward position, plan your drive shaft length accordingly.



6. The weld on bracket Will Not be affected by the choice of “stock” or “3/4 forward”.  You can freely switch between the two, firewall and other clearances permitting.



7. Mock up as much of the steering system (manual or 500 power steering box, etc.) and headers

as possible when positioning the engine and trans assembly. The slotted holes in the block bracket will allow for adjustment from side to side for additional clearance where needed for headers and steering box.



8. All fuel and brake lines should be cleared out of the way at this point if you have not already done so.

With engine and trans assembly aligned, begin the welding process by tack welding three or four places

of both mounts to the frame.  (see page 2)



9. Alternate welding passes from drivers to passengers side to keep the amount of heat at each area down, and lowers the chance of warping. Be sure to occasionally check the urethane bushings of these mounts for any excess heat build up. Weld as complete as possible, and allow the frame to cool completely before removing the engine and trans assembly. After removing the engine, remove the urethane sleeve from the mount. Once removed, complete any welding around corners or under the mounts.



10. Reinstall your engine and trans and use the provided Nylock nuts on the 7/16" bolts for this final fit.



11. Reconnect battery ground cable. Note:  Spray paint your frame to match either the stock powder coat or just with some primer to avoid rust building up on the bare steel that is now exposed.

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