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Lower A-arm Shock Bracket


NOTE: Please read instructions completely before attempting to install this product.



Stock Lower A-arms and Heidts Lower A-arms.  Some instruction is directed at stock arms specifically.  


1. On most stock a-arms, there are 2 small, square nuts welded to the bottom of the arm for mounting the stock shocks. Occasionally these have fallen off over time.  If you still have the square nuts attached securely to the arm, you have 2 options.  You can knock the square nuts off the arm with a simple punch and hammer (we suggest this option), or you can modify the brackets we sent to allow for the nuts to sit flush with the bracket (this option should only be done if you’re afraid of damaging your arms due to powder coat or other paint like products).  This is done by cutting square notches on the sides of the bracket.  The notches should roughly replace the holes on the lower portion. If you’ve decided to knock off the square nuts, or they have fallen off over time, proceed to step 2.  Otherwise, you’ll now place the bracket on the a-arm and use the stock hardware, along with the provided washers to hold it firmly against 


2.  Since the square nuts are now gone, you’ll need to drill out the stock hole in the a-arm with a 25/64" drill bit.  This is one size over 3/8" to allow for better bolt clearance.  If you don't have access to this size bit, a 3/8 bit used "sloppily" will suffice.  Now point the U shape slot on the bottom of the bracket inboard of the A-arm (towards the engine) and use the supplied hardware to secure the bracket.  The bolts will drop in from the top.  NOTE: The brackets are pre-assembled with all the hardware in proper position.


3.  You may need to bolt the brackets to the shocks before bolting them the lower A-arms in order to have the clearance to install the 5/8" lower shock mounting bolts, with the 3/8" bolts already in their bracket holes from the top. 


4.  Remove the snap rings that hold the T-Bar shafts in place on your shock (QA-1 only).  Remove the shafts with a plastic mallet and a punch as needed.  With the sent hardware, there will be two  5/8" inner diameter (ID) steel bushings. Take those bushings and press them into your QA-1 Shocks lower eyelet.  This can be done with a vise with soft jaws  and a plastic mallet.  If you must use a metal hammer, place a block of wood between the bushing and the hammer.  


5.  Now using the remaining 5/8" hardware, secure the shock to the lower a-arm’s new bracket with the adjuster knob facing outboard.  (Towards the tire)


6.  We suggest putting a small piece of metal tube (not supplied) over the threads of the upper shock mounting stud to protect them.  Re-align the shock and spring, making sure that the spring is properly clocked into the pocket at the top of the frame.  


7.  Re-assemble and double check your work.


NOTE: Make sure adjustment threads on the lower body of the shocks have ample anti-seize compound or bearing grease to prevent thread damage and ease adjustment of ride height.

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