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Gas Tank Centering Kit


Stock Gas Tank:


BEFORE YOU BEGIN, A spare tire filler panel must be in place, which we can provide


1. Drain gas tank, remove fuel line and carefully cap or plug the line as needed.


2. Disconnect the battery cable and sending unit wire.


3. To remove the gas tank, remove the two carriage bolts at the rear of the tank straps, then pivot the straps forward while supporting the tank.


4. Install the passenger side bracket first, which is the larger tube (1.5" by 3/4" tube)


5. Locate passenger bracket 1⁄2" away from the rib inboard of the spare tire well. Please also get a centerline on your trunk floor by measuring between the frame rails. The holes for the brackets will be 12" apart from one another, 6 inches from the centerline each way. 


6. Final hole size is 3/8". Start with an 1/8" bit to be sure you’re located correctly.


7. Measure 12" from the new holes to locate the second bracket. Check against your centerline.


8. Once you’re happy with the location of the brackets, reinstall your tank.


9. Cut stock filler neck at around 2.5" away from the “O” ring (see left image)


10. Your stock filler neck will be too short at this point. Place the segment you cut in previous step inside the tank, and install your filler neck in the stock location. Measure the distance between the two and cut the provided filler neck tube extension to the length required. Fit check your extension one last time then remove the entire neck and weld the segment in. 


11. Reassemble tank, line and sender wire. Connect the battery.


12. We also can supply sending units with any style pick-up tubes built to order.

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