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Big Block Chevy Alternator Bracket


1.  The racket comes pre-assembled and mounts to the passenger side head.


2.  Some heads use one 3/8” and one 7/16” bolt, while other heads use two 7/16” bolts.  If yours is the latter, you’ll need to drill out the 3/8” hole in the largest “triangle” bracket to 7/16”.  


3.  Remove the upper passenger side water pump mounting bolt to install the alternator adjuster arm.   You may need to use a longer bolt to have enough threads through the water pump into the engine block, due to the added 1/4” thickness of the alternator bracket.


4.  Install the alternator with the spacers supplied as needed to align with the pulleys.  In some instances, depending on the engine components used, it may be necessary to use a spacer between the water pump and the adjuster bracket for the correct alignment.  The adjuster bracket can also be slightly bent as needed if you have a safe way of doing so.  


5.  The 5/16” hardware provided to secure the alternator at the slotted adjuster arm hole may thread into the ear on the alternator.  If the ear isn’t threaded, use the AN locknut provided.


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